JN Balder 0129 (AMF)     HB001897
We are proud to introduce to our herd JN Balder 0129. He was born 3/17/2010, and is a son of the great J&N Bull 7108.
We purchased this bull from the J&N Production sale in 2011. It is our opinion that this bull is one of the best bulls J&N
Ranch has ever offered for sale and we are proud to have him in our bull battery. This bulls father was an AM carrier but
0129 tested free of the gen
etic defect, and as great as the 7108 bull was there will never be a son like 0129 again.
0129's EPD's speak for themselves and his actual weights are as follows: BW-84; WW- 727(adj); YW-1134(adj); with a
2.9 daily gain on test.  

It is with regret we inform you that we lost this bull in November of 2013. The three bulls we have for sale now and the
bull calves we will produce from our 2014 calf crop will be the only 0129 calves ever produced.

We have recently purchased three new herd bulls that we will be collecting and breeding cows to for the 2015 calf crop.
These bulls were purchased from JO Bulls of Castle Dale Utah, Smith Black Herefords of Newton Iowa, and Triple L
Ranch of Mexia Texas. These three bulls are going to introduce new genetics to the dL Cattle Company herd that will
produce moderate to low birth weights with great growth potential along with great maternal and carcass traits.

Information about these herd bulls, and pictures will be available on the website soon.
 EPD's For JN Balder 0129

BW: 3.1    WW: 47    YW: 76    
MM: 21    M&G: 44    SC: 39

Weaning Ratio: 133   
Yearling Ratio: 107

        Feltons Performer 572
JN Balder 7108
        JN Baldee 108(AMC)
JN Balder 0129
        Feltons Long Ton 205
JN Baldee 129
        JN Baldee 983