267 is a Horned Hereford bull we owned with Triple L Ranch, and Oleen Brothers. We purchased Triple L's
interest in this bull last year. He is a very, very dark registered Hereford bull. He had a 65lb birth weight with a
weaning ratio of 103 and a yearling ratio of 104. He is producing calves with low birth weights and lots of growth.
The calves we have out of him now are something to admire.
JAK L1 Domino Z267
JM Cattle X51 747 538 ET
X51 is a Black Hereford Bull we Purchased from JM Cattle Company in their 2016 production sale. His sire is the KCF
Bennett Revolution 51X Hereford bull that is by MSU TCF Revolution 4R. This bull impressed us with his 80 lb birth
weight, 638 weaning weight and 1138 yearling weight. He is 82% Hereford and will be used extensively in the spring of
2017. We are excited for his calves.
Jo Bull Classic Felt 3017
3017 is a homozygous black bull we bought from JO BULLS of Castle Dale Utah. He was purchased to use as a heifer
bull, but if his calves keep performing like they have we will keep him for a herd bull. He had a 85lb birth weight with a
weaning ratio of 116.
RRF 3239 LADD R5121 ET
3239 is, in my opinion, the best Homozygous black bull produced in the Black Hereford breed to date. We
were the lucky enough to be able to purchase this bull at Rose Ridge Farms production sale in April of 2016.
This bull has the conformation and the performance seed stock breeders want in a herd bull. He has a modest
84 lb birth weight with a 696 adjusted weaning weight and a 1196 adjusted yearling weight. This bull is 75%
Hereford and his first calve will be hitting the ground in the spring of 2017.
dL Black Knight 1618F
This is a well built bull we raised and just couldn't let go of. We sold his full brother, dL Ryan 1502, last year. 1502 is in
Marionville Missouri working for David Hopkins. We got a second chance at this genetic package and we are going to
take it. This bull is work
ing for us now and we can't wait to see what his calves will do. He has a moderate birth weight
and good EPD's with a good frame, length, and depth.
His EPD's are: BW: 1, WW: 40, YW: 67, MM 23, M&G 43, and
he is 86% Hereford.