267 is a Horned Hereford bull we own with Triple L Ranch, and Oleen Brothers. He is a very, very dark registered Hereford bull. He had a 65lb birth
weight with a weaning ratio of 103 and a yearling ratio of 104. He is producing calves with low birth weights and lots of growth. The calves we have
out of him now are something to admire.
JAK L1 Domino Z267
SBH World Class 10H 3978
3978 is a 62.5% homozygous black bull we purchased from Smith Black Herefords. He is out of an F1 and had a 72lb birth weight with a 109
weaning weight ratio and a 106 yearling ratio. This bulls is making some exceptional calves with low birth weights and lots of growth.
Jo Bull Classic Felt 3017
3017 is a homozygous black bull we bought from JO BULLS of Castle Dale Utah. He was purchased to use as a heifer bull, but if his calves keep
performing like they have we will keep him for a herd bull. He had a 85lb birth weight with a weaning ratio of 116.
Triple L A062
The 62 bull is one we are becoming more and more impressed with every day. He is homozygous black and weighed 93lbs at birth. He had a 205 of
617 and a 365 of 1005. We selected this bull to mate with some of our cows to produce replacement heifers. Judging by the heifers we are having out
of him now it will take a lot for us to part with one of them. They are beautiful heifers with lots of growing capacity.