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dL Blackcat 1612F
Here is a herd bull prospect if there ever was one. This bull is out of one of our best cows 903W. She always has a front pasture calf. This bull is by our
Triple L Bull A062. A062 is an 0449 son and does a real good job of making nice, well built, performance type females. This calf should make some nice
females that will fit in any herd. His projected EPD's are: BW= 3.0; WW= 52; YW= 79; MM= 17, and M&G= 43. He was born at 90 lbs, and had an actual
weaning weight of 561, and an actual yearling weight of 1,030. This bull will put the ponds on the ground and make some herd building females at the
same time. This calf is 79% Hereford so he could be used on F1's. He does have scurs.
Below are some pictures of the 14 bred heifers we are offering for sale. We are keeping 10 of the heifers for replacements and will be selling four of the
group. I had planned on keeping our top 10 for replacements and offering the other four for sale, but I can't decide which ones are the top 10. I am going to
let the lucky buyer(s) decide which 10 we keep. You can come pick the one or four of the ones you think are the best. These 14 heifers have a adjusted
weaning weight average of 564lb, and an adjusted yearling weight average of 841. Their average EPD's are BW: 2.32; WW: 44; YW: 73; MM: 22; M&G: 43.
There are two purebred heifers in the group and only one that is 62.5%. The average Hereford percentage of the group is 79%. 12 of the heifers were bred to
our dL Black Knight bull and 2 were bred to our RRF 3239 Ladd R5191 ET bull. These heifers will be exceptional producers in any herd.