In 2003, we bought our first three head of
registered Hereford cows for dL Cattle Company.
These three cows were bred to Black Hereford
bulls. In 2004 we purchased our first Black
Hereford bull to breed to those cows. Now we
several herd bulls we utilize on Hereford,
Angus, Black Hereford and F1 baldy cows
. We
continually introducing new Black Hereford,
Hereford and Angus genetics into our herd.

The Black Herefords are
still a small breed that
we at dL Cattle Company believe have lots of
promise.  We have crossed some good Hereford
cows with our herd bulls and are seeing some
promising offspring from these crossings.

The philosophy here at dL Cattle Company is "If
you aren't getting better you're backing up."  
That is why our motto is
All you'd ever want
and nothing you'll never need.  
We strive to
provide that level of service to anyone who calls
or stops by.  We are always breeding, and
striving for better cattle.  We want to provide the
best product possible for today's cattleman.
rom pasture to plate we are going to do all we
can to make our animals GREAT!
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